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The Early Years Inclusion Team (Portage) forms part of the Emotional Health and Wellbeing division of the Learning, Skills and Culture Directorate. We work with children who have an identified disability or developmental delay which impacts on 2 or more areas of development where identified needs are not being met by another service. We work towards the Portage model of learning in the following way: • We provide regular home visiting; weekly, fortnightly or monthly home visits working in partnership with parents. • We assess the following areas of children's development: Personal Social and Emotional Development, Communication and language, Physical: Self Help Skills, Physical: Fine/Gross motor, Cognitive Development using the Portage or GEMs checklist tool. • We support the development of play, communication, relationships, and learning for children; providing advice/guidance and activity ideas to encourage development and learning. • We decide with the parent/carer on some long term targets and break these down into small step activities to support children's learning. • We show the parent/carer how to teach the activities • We work closely with other professionals helping the child or family, attend relevant meetings and arrange joint visits where appropriate. • We organize stay and play sessions for children and families so that they can share experiences and gain support. • Support the family’s participation and inclusion in the community in their own right; providing advice and support to access Children’s Centre’s, Childcare and School (if required). • Help parents to identify what is important to them and their child. • Visit children in childcare settings to role model inclusive practice supporting individual learning outcomes. • We run a group called Leo's Club to support families which is informal, fun and offers children, siblings and parents access to a wide variety of play activities and networking support. The sessions provide families with an opportunity to meet on a regular basis and share experiences. Our Session is held on Fridays: 9.30 -11.30 am at the Early Learning Development Centre

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