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The education law states that parents are responsible for ensuring that their registered children of compulsory school age (5 to 16 years old) attend school regularly. The Education Inclusion Service has a duty to make sure that parents and carers undertake this responsibility. We play a key role in: improving attendance at school reducing truancy tackling persistent absences We work closely with schools and a number of agencies to promote children's welfare and their education. Referrals are received from schools. Referrals are allocated to named Education Inclusion Officers. We offer support and advice to other services, agencies and parents and carers. Our Child Employment & Performance Licence Officer can also advise on the rules around when and how much a child can work and whether a licence is required. Children who are working as performers or on the stage will need a licence to do this so please contact us. The service also supports the education for all our looked after children and ensures the quality and timeliness of PEPs. Our inclusion officers may also support some of the young people accessing alternative provision

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