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Service Notes Baby’s Basket offers a Moses basket packed with baby and hospital bag essentials to any parent in Lincolnshire struggling to provide for the practical needs of their new baby. We encourage care professionals in Lincolnshire to offer a basket to parents in need. The service is free and confidential and there are no formalities. All we need to know are your contact details, baby’s due date, baby’s gender if known and first name or initials of the recipient. We don’t take requests directly from parents but encourage them to speak to their midwife or health visitor about their difficulties. Each Basket contains: for baby - bedding, towel, toiletries, nappies and a generous selection of clothing; for mum - a filled toiletry bag, breast pads and sanitary towels for her hospital bag. Each basket is carefully checked to ensure it is clean and safe for a new baby and given a new mattress. All clothes and bedding are laundered and in excellent condition. We can provide a bath instead of a basket, just clothes or bedding - in any combination. ‘Up to 7lbs' clothes packs are also available and cot bedding packs if we have them. Every baby deserves the best we can give them. Baskets are made ready a couple of months before baby is due or as soon as possible if closer to due date - or baby has already been born! To protect parents’ privacy we ask that you collect the basket from us and deliver to them. For a map: To book a basket, arrange a collection or for more information, please telephone or email us using the contact details above. You can also find us on Facebook

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