If you have previously been given access to our 'Self Update' portal you can update your information by logging in and submitting changes. If you are a childcare provider please email eef@northlincs.gov.uk to outline the changes required. For any other service please email fis@northlincs.gov.uk.

Please email us with details of your group or service including name, address, telephone number, email, website and a description of what you offer. If you are a childcare provider email eef@northlincs.gov.uk For any other service email fis@northlincs.gov.uk. If you would like to be able to access our online 'Self Update' portal to update this information in the future please indicate this in your email and provide us with the name and email address of a contact person.

Please email us fis@northlincs.gov.uk.

The easiest way to find OfSTED registered childcare on our directory is to click on the 'Advanced search' link. This will allow you to filter the directory by choosing 'Childcare' from the first drop down box and then narrow the search further by selcting the type of childcare you need from the second box. It also gives you the options to search by age range, opening times, school pick up and OfSTED inspection judgement. If you have a specific need which means you are struggling to find childcare then our brokerage service can help. Email us at fis@northlincs.gov.uk to access the service.

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Click on the 'Help with childcare costs' link at the top of the page to read about all of the funding schemes to help families with their childcare costs including funded places for two, three and four year olds.